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10x Faster Patent Drafting. Zero Data Retention.

AI-accelerated patent drafting, analysis, and invention disclosures

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How it Works

Law firms and inhouse counsel are spending 80% less time on application drafting

Claim Brainstorming

Generate patent claims from an invention disclosure. Optionally, add prior art to have the AI distinguish over it. With built-in guardrails, our system solves the problems of hallucinations and AI inventorship.

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Draft Specification

Generate an entire specification in seconds. Our AI understands your figures and drafts the corresponding description, including element numbers. Generate compliant background, summary, and abstract sections.

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Create Figures

Automatically generate clear flowcharts from method claims and other text. Using our visual editor, enjoy full control to fine-tune your flowcharts effortlessly.

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Refine Invention Disclosures

Our AI analyzes invention disclosures and suggests questions for inventors, enhancing the detail and quality of the disclosures.

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Built by Compliance Experts

We previously built a legal tech compliance company. We know the ethical requirements on lawyers and agents inside and out and have architected Vaero to be full compliant.

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Efficient and Compliant

Most advanced and secure AI patent drafter

Next Generation AI

Powered by latest generation large language models (ChatGPT, Llama3)

Patent Specific Knowledge

Trained on patents and patent applications across jurisdictions

100% confidential

Confidentiality guaranteed through the highest level security certifications and compliance procedures, including NDA. We have a zero data retention agreement with all subprocessors.

You Own Your Data

We guarantee your data will not be used to train our AI models

Export Control Compliant

All servers are U.S. based

Ethics Compliant

Designed to satisfy the rules of professional responsibility in all jurisdictions